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Cosmic League에 가입하고 여러분들의 캐릭터와 함께 굉장한 PvP 전투에 참여하세요. 리그에 참여하고, 코스믹 조각을 획득하기 위해 전투하여 은하계에서 제일 강해지세요!

Cosmic League


  • COSMIC LEAGUE 30/11/2016 13:13

    Cosmic League Fresh Start Campaign on US Server

    Hi Cosmic Fighters!   Cosmic League US will be welcoming all breakers with a special campaign for new players. All new accounts created after November 30th will receive the following starter package as a welcome gift to the Cosmic Crux.   Cosmos Binder OMEGA x1 H. Cosmos Binder x3 Restart Piece x5 Retry Garapon Ticket G x1 Happiness Ticket R x10 Wall Jump (Jump Assist) x1 Boost Running (General) x1 Assault Step ...

  • COSMIC LEAGUE 30/11/2016 9:03

    Final shutting down of the servers

    Dear players, From this day, the 30th of November, the Cosmic League european servers will be closed.  You won't be able to enter the game. The Cosmic League fans can head to the American server if they want to keep playing. However, you will have to create a new account on Cyberstep website. No account transfert will be made.  In addition, you will be able to take advantage of an offer  dedicated to the newest players of ...

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  • COSMIC LEAGUE 17/10/2016 22:37

    Weekly maintenance

    Tomorrow, October 18th, we'll carry out our weekly maintenance between 9AM and 11AM (BST). The game will be available at 11AM again, you can see the patch notes in the forum. Best regards, The Cosmic League EU Team