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The term MMO (“Massive Multiplayer Online Game”) literally means “massive multiplayer online game”. An MMO game is the one that has the ability to gather many players at once connected through the Internet. The most common MMO games are browser games which are designed to be played directly in any internet browser and client games where it is necessary to install an executable on the computer, although many types are currently found for the different consoles in the market like Xbox, Play Station, or Nintendo Switch. In the network you will find hundreds of browser games of all kinds such as war games, role-playing, strategy, science fiction, sports, economics. There are multiple kinds so you will find from pirate games to some where you must conquer space. In IDC/Games we try to cover these genres of MMO games so you can play the game you like. The quality of the games varies from one to another. It depends a lot on the theme and/or the company that develops them. You can find very fun games with a graphic quality not very impressive, or some of them with a great design work but a boring. We invite you to visit and try our games so you can see if they fit with the games that you like. There are currently hundreds of MMO games on the market, on our site you will find a list of browser and download games. We hope you have a good time playing our games.